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Sigma DG 500 Super - tania alternatywa dla lamp dedykowanych .
2009-01-08 05:26:43
Electronic Flash EF-500 DG Super is one of several new products introduced at Photokina 2002 by Sigma Corporation of Japan (2-13-15, Iwado-Minami, Komae-shi, Tokyo).
Electronic Flash EF-500 DG Super is one of several new products introduced at Photokina 2002 by Sigma Corporation of Japan (2-13-15, Iwado-Minami, Komae-shi, Tokyo). Electronic Flash EF-500 DG SUPER is designed to work with both AF 35mm SLR and Digital SLR cameras of popular manufacturers, for advanced flash photography. It has a maximum guide number of 165 in feet or 50 in meter at 105mm focal length (ISO 100). The projection angle of the flashlight is set automatically to match the lens' focal length ranging from 28mm wide-angle to 105mm medium-telephoto. It also incorporates a built-in diffuser that expands the angle of illumination down to that of 17mm lens. It enables full automatic flash photography by TTL automatic flash exposure control. It includes S-TTL flash photography for Sigma, 3-D multi-sensor balanced fill flash function and D-TTL flash photography for Nikon, E-TTL flash photography for Canon, ADI flash photography and P-TTL flash photography for Minolta. For bounce flash it can be tilted 90° upwards and 7° downward for close-ups. Also it can be swiveled 180° to the left and 90° to the right. It incorporates "modeling flash" mode to provide proper light distribution to check the shadow of the subject. The multi pulse flash features enable reduced power setting from 1/4 to 1/128 in 6 steps and the pulse frequency of the flash can be set from 1Hz to 199Hz. EF-500 DG SUPER incorporates wireless TTL flash photography, slave flash photography, and FP flash photography (synchronized with high shutter speeds). In addition, manual flash also can be set at 8 output power levels. The covering focal length of the flashlight can be seen on the LCD panel, and a flash ready signal can be seen in the viewfinder. The EF-500 DG SUPER also incorporates auto power off system. Main Specifications Guide number: 165 in feet / 50 in meters 105mm (ISO 100) Power source: 4x AA Alkaline or 4x NiMH batteries Charge time: Approx. 6seconds (when using alkaline batteries) Approx 4seconds (when using NiMH batteries) Number of flashes: Approx. 220 flashes (when using alkaline batteries) Approx. 100 flashes (when using 4x NiMH batteries) Flash Duration: Approx. 1/700seconds Projection Angle of the Light: Automatically set to match the lens between 28mm and 105mm. Also covers 17mm wide angle when the built-in diffuser is deployed. AF Auxiliary lamp: Red LED Bounce: Up 60, 75, 90 Down 7 Swivel: Right 60, 75, 90 Left 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180 Dimensions (W x H x L): 3.0 X 5.5 X 4.6 inches / 77x139x117mm Weight: 11.83 oz. (325g) Compatible Cameras : Sigma SA, Canon AF, Minolta AF, Nikon AF Availability: Canon AF, Sigma AF - October 2002 Nikon AF - November 2002 Minolta AF - December 2002 Compatibility chart of EF 500 DG Super SIGMA SA CANON AF MINOLTA AF NIKON AF AF 35mm SLR Cameras Sigma SA Series Canon EOS Series Maxxum Series Nikon AF Series Digital SLR Cameras SD9 EOS D60 EOS D30 EOS 1D DIMAGE7i DIMAGE7 DIMAGE5 Nikon D100, D1X, D1H, D1 Fuji S2Pro,S1Pro TTL Auto O O O O Manual Power Ratio 1/1~1/128 1/1~1/128 1/1~1/64 1/1~1/64 Multi Pulse Flash 1Hz~199Hz 1Hz~199Hz 1Hz~100Hz 1Hz~100Hz Modeling Flash O O O --- Autozoom Head O O O O Bounce O O O O Swivel O O O O Down Flash (7°) for Close-ups O O O O AF Auxiliary Lamp O O O O Auto Power Off 300s 90s 240s 80s High Speed Synchro O O O O Wireless flash TTL --- O O --- Manual O O --- --- Designated Slave Flash O O O O Normal Slave Flash O O O O Rear Curtain Synchro Flash O O --- O Red Eye Reduction O --- --- O Exposure Compensation Function O O --- O Correct Flash Exposure Display O O O O The appearance, specifications, and the like of the product are subject to change for improvement without notice.
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Sigma DG 500 Super - tania alternatywa dla lamp dedykowanych .
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